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Syphonn is a native to the Negative Zone. He had a small army of alien that serve him only because they were scare to death of him, sense he was able to resurrected the dead as zombies and even drained the life of the living. One his soldiers wanted to revel however Syphoon was about to kill him when he spoke of a hero great enough to destroy him, Captain Marvel. Syphonn spoke with the other Negative Zone rulers, Annihilus and Blastaar. From them he learn that Mar-Vell was dead but he didn’t care because that made his plan even better as he took control of Mar-Vell’s corpse and force it to killed his ex-lover Elysius along many others. Until many heard of a killer with no face and Syphoon moved into phase two of his plan and had Mar-Vell’s corpse give Drax the Destroyer the Nega-Bands from were Syphonn took control of him. Genis soon got word of his mother’s dead and upon coming to Titan he saw his father’s corpse out and re-buried along Elysius. This also alerted the recently reborn Adam Warlock who scanned the mind of Drax and discover Syphonn behind everything. Back in the Negative Zone, Syphonn had his army build the Conqueror Wheel and had the power of the Nega-Bands power it from the positive universe user, Drax in this case to open the portal. Warlock try to prevent it but it was too late and he along, Pip, Gamora, Genis-Vell and Drax were all dragged into the Negative Zone. Confronted by them Syphonn realized that he soon he would lose and use one of his tentacles to reach up to Warlock and steal his Soul Gem. As he prepare to leave Annihilus and Blastaar behind and journey to the positive universe by the Conqueror Wheel however Warlock’s connection was too strong to the Soul Gem and it turn on Syphonn and he was unable to prevent Annihilus and Blastaar from dragging his body back to the Negative Zone, but he use the Soul Gem one last time to place his soul in a Power Portal in the positive universe while his physical body was destroy. Warlock retrieved the Soul Gem and told the others that Syhonn’s mind was forever trap in the Power Portal.

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