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    Synn is one of the few original characters on the AC Comics, FemForce team of all-female superheroes.

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    In the 1960s, Silva was a go-go dancer in Florida who was abducted by the Brotherhood of Purity, a group dedicated to the eradication of obscenity. The group abducted various supposedly immoral people and eradicated them one way or another. Several of their victims were sold to Dr. Dirk Farkas as human test subjects for his experiments. 
    His experimentation on Silva produced highly unusual results. Silva, a frequent acid user, had retained some LSD in her body chemistry. Under the impact of a high voltage,  the acid  triggered a reaction in her brain.  Her mind expanded to god-like levels and her body became effectively immortal and immune to aging and disease. Synn has the ability to do virtually what she wants by utilizing this power with her mind. 

    There were only two drawbacks to this situation, since LSD was unstable. First, when she had hallucinations, everyone had hallucinations. Second,  the feds were looking for deviant individuals and when they learned of Synn existence, they wanted to lock her up. She was finally taken into custody by government agent Atoman.  Due to her power being intermittent, she had to wait until he returned so she could escape  from a high security containment center in Denver,  Colorado.  It was a special program called Lifeforms Super-normal Development (LSD).   

    Silva is constantly fluctuating between states of mind. At times her intelligence and behavior appear child-like. At others her intellect advances to genius level and allows her to produce solutions for various problems. There are various levels of intelligence in between. The fluctuations are not completely random. She can increase her own intelligence while focused on a particular problem or situation to solve. The intelligence is then decreased when she is unfocused or simply seeks to relax.  She joined the team FemForce in this state, through Nightveil, and was a member for several years.
    As already mentioned, Silva was a former LSD user and her mutation subjects her to occasional acid trip-like hallucinations. The difference is that she projects the hallucinations to other minds in her vicinity, effectively causing shared illusions. Unfortunately the negative effect of LSD was getting worse and the powers of Silva became out of control. Judging its state too dangerous, after discussing with Miss Victory she decided to leave the team except for some occasional missions.  
    But one day, then she had become dangerous to herself and to society, Nightveil has exiled her to a dimension beyond dimensions. At this place her mind could expand unhindered. Several years later, while Nightveil was in full possession of her powers, she decides to retrieve her and bring her into the rational world. She brought her back to the FemForce headquarters, with Jennifer Wayne-Burke (the new Ms. Victory) as leader.  Synn needed a few days to recover her spirits but she was in better control than before.


    At first she used her power unconsciously and affected large groups of people without realizing it. With training she has learned to control this hallucination power, making her a powerful illusion caster. However she can still be affected by her own illusions. She can also cast powerful psychic blasts to incapacitate opponents. She has some degree of telekinesis and can create constructs out of pure mental energy.  
    Synn can teleport to a limbo between dimensions and from there to locations in her own and other dimensions. However she is typically only able to teleport to locations she has known before. She can fly as well but to subsonic speeds.   

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