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    Synergy is the daughter of Captain Dynamo and his greatest foe, Chrysalis. She is also a half-sibling to the Dynamo 5

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    Cynthia is the daughter of  Chrysalis and Captain Dynamo, who were arch enemies that called their home Tower City.  Eventually, their rivalry turned into attraction and they secretly became lovers. Synergy was the product of their union Synergy thus making her one of Captain Dynamo's love children.   Cyntia's parents exposed her to the same radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers, Cynthia inherited all of her father's special abilities. One of Captain Dynamo's favorite things to do was to fly with Cynthia. 
    When the Dynamo 5 were battling the Captain's ally  Quake (who was off his meds) Captain Dynamo arrived to talk him down.  Originally Myriad was to impersonate Captain Dynamo but he did not arrive until after Captain Dynamo had stopped Quake's rampage.  Captain Dynamo finally approached Maddie Warner, Dynamo's widow and after kissing the two flew off.  Captain Dynamo brought Maddie to a secret lair belonging to Chrsalis.  It was here that Cynthia revealed herself to Maddie and her mother informed Maddie of Cynthia's paternity.   The duo thought to use this information to hurt Maddie but the widow laughed in the duo's faces.  She then revealed that  Chrysalis was not Dynamo's only lover, nor was Cynthia was not his only child.  Cynthia confirmed this using her telepathy much to Chrysalis' dismay.
    At the behest of Chrysalis, Synergy attempts to kill Maddie Warner. However, Maddie Warner injects herself with a serum, becoming the latest Whiptail. Maddie was able to defeat Synergy, with the help of Dynamo 5.   Synergy's half-brother Gage then used his telepathy to make his sister forget her villainous ways and give her a fresh start.  Maddy leaves her at a school for girls.

    Recently a man posing as a priest shot Cythinia in the head (knowing it would not kill her).  The bullet jogged her memory and she is now planning her revenge on her half-siblings.  Father Gideon had Cynthia impersonate people and steal items for a special purpose with the promise that he would help her free her mother.  The two began a sexual relationship and when they stole a special weapon from F.L.A.G. Father Gideon revealed that Maddie Warrner was his mother. 
    Gideon's plan was to use the weapon to remove the powers from the Dynamo 5.  Cynthia was able to do this easily by shape shifting into Maddie and then used the weapon.  Scrap managed to give her a great deal of trouble but Cynthia used in on her while she was trying to save an innocent trapped under a car. 
    Several miscalculations however caused the plan to go south.  Spencer, being half alien, was stronger and more agile than a normal human and was able to break his bonds and free one of his sisters.  Briget was the first to get free but found she no longer had super strength.  When Synergy was about to kill her sister Olivia, Bridget's eye beams manifested and sent the distured girl flying.  As the others powers began to kick in she was able to hold her own against her siblings (as she was in full control of her powers).  However Spencer convinced her to use her telepathy on Michael to see if he was being honest.  She did so and found out that Michael had no intentions of helping her free her mother.  She knocked the fake priest out and fled.


    Synergy inherited the abilities of her biological father, Captain Dynamo, and was exposed to the same mysterious radiation that gave him his powers. These powers include flight, super strength, invulnerability, telepathy, shape shifting and vision powers.


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