Syn Shenron

    Character » Syn Shenron appears in 11 issues.

    The Shadow Dragon representing the One-Star Dragon Ball, Syn Shenron was born from the wish to revive all people killed by Freeza and the Planet Trade Organization.

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    • Flight with the usage of KI
    • KI Blast. Can shoot variety of Energy Projectiles.
    • Durability, his highest durability is unknown but Syn Shenron has high enough durability to the point he was able to fight, and defeat a blind super Saiyan 4 Goku.
    • Transformations, when gathering the energy from the Dragon Balls he turns into Omega Shenron which increases his powers to higher limits, making him an adequate foe.
    • Nova Star 10X kamehamea wave.
    • Trap Shooter
    • Blazing Storm
    • Gigantic Blaze
    • Rengeration

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