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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 2515

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Tanjent

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown


Symon was exiled from his homeworld of Tanjent because he lacked psionic abilities like the rest of his people. Anyone on Tanjent who could not measure up to their responsibilities and the required intelligence would be considered a parasite, and a threat to life. In actuality, however, Symon's abilities were slow to manifest. Symon was exiled to Tanjent's moon and, although the moon would support life, Symon was alone. The young man's solitude was short-lived, however, as a voice broke the moon's silence. It was one of the Guardians of the Universe. Symon Terrynce was given a power ring and brought to Oa. Despite his homeworld's actions towards him, his stand for life had impressed the Guardians. He was asked to join the Green Lantern Corps and, upon accepting the offer, was assigned the sector in which was located his homeworld of Tanjent. He adopted a mask to keep his identity a secret from his family, who he could not face as a Green Lantern.

With time, Symon's psychic abilities have developed further, and now Symon possesses full telepathy and telekinesis, as well as limited precognition. In fact, Symon has tried to test the full limits of his powers, going so far as trying to mind-read the Guardians of the Universe, but his abilities are not yet strong enough to penetrate their formidable psychic defenses. Symon hopes that someday they will be. He will regret the day they are.


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