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    The Symbioship is a Kryptonian starship in Earth-2 that brought Kara Zor-L to the planet.

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    The Symbioship was a product of Kryptonian science in the parallel universe of Earth-2. It was created during the end days of the planet Krypton when a series of quakes began to plague its surface. In this reality, the city of Kandor was never abducted by Brainiac and the settlement served as a home to Zor-L along with his family. His cousin Jor-L linked the quakes to an impending doom for their homeworld. Whilst warning the ruling council, he provided the schematics of a starship that he had designed to send his son Kal-L to another planet to survive Krypton's destruction. Where Jor-L was a famed scientist in cosmology and physics, his cousin Zor-L had mastered the science of the mind and intended to use his talents to modify his own starship to take his wife along with his daughter Kara Zor-L to another world. This chain of events led to the creation of the advanced Symbioship that was a sentient craft with the ability to preserve its users in a form of stasis yet keeping their minds active in a virtual reality. However, Zor-L miscalculated the impending disaster and thus lacked time to build a full scale ship thus forcing him to build a smaller one which was launched before Krypton exploded. Thus, two craft departed the Krypton of Earth-2 but where Kal-L took a direct course to Earth, Kara's Symbioship went on a slower route. Her aging was slowed through a special process her father had invented whereby her life lived in a symbiotic existence with her ship which projected a virtual reality encompassing twenty years whilst she grew up within it. Eventually, the ship landed on Earth where Kara became a grown woman who joined her now older cousin Kal-L who was the superhero Superman. Whilst grateful to the Symbioship for protecting her, she abandoned the craft and never thought she would encounter it again.

    In reality, the ship intended to return to its programmed directive of merging with Power Girl as its existence was entirely dictated by her being a part of the craft. The ship crashed somewhere outside Gotham City where reporter Andrew Vinson of the Gotham Globe had been following Power Girl in order to learn more of her origin. Unaware of the Symbioship, he was attacked by the sentient craft that molded its body into a form of body armor and took control of him. With him as its puppet, it attacked Power Girl but its goal was to capture her and place her back within its body in order to return to their symbiotic relationship as dictated to by its programming. Police forces in the scene attempted to aid Power Girl but the advanced Kryptonian metal meant that their weapons were useless against it. Power Girl herself struggled against her former ship due to Vinson being held hostage within it but she managed to pin the Symbioship to the ground whereupon she removed the human host. She later confiscated it and attempted to take the vessel to a secure site but the Symbioship was pretending to had been defeated in order to drop Power Girls guard. This allowed it to envelop her where it attempted to reprogram her mind with virtual simulations of a life on Krypton but she rejected it though was unable to break free. Vinson managed to simulate Krypton still existing which caused a conflict in the programming of the Symbioship which overloaded which freed Kara whereupon Power Girl was forced to destroy the vessel.


    The Symbioship was created by Showcase writer, Paul Levitz.


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