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Sylvius was enhanced with cybernetics, as part of the S.C.A.R.s Program. When her partners, Ballistique and Rococo, became unstable (a side effect of the enhancement) the program was dropped and the team disbanded. Sylvius was allowed to continue her military career and was told her former teammates were killed in action.

She eventually became a member of the MRD (Mutant Response Division), but when her partners showed up, regaining their memories after having them altered, she joined them on their mission to take revenge on the men who stole their lives from them; General Sam Ryan, Dr. Young Soo Pock and Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.

Ballistique had already killed Gen. Ryan, so their next target was Mayor Jameson, but they were thwarted by X-Factor; with the aid of Black Cat. They then made an attempt on Dr. Pock, but again X-Factor stopped them and the ensuing fight left Ballistique comatose.

Sylvius, along with Rococo, vanished. Their whereabouts and status are currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities

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Due to to her cybernetic enhancements, Sylvius is able to emit a blast of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).


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