Sylphide of Basilisk

    Character » Sylphide of Basilisk appears in 4 issues.

    One of the 108 Specters of Hades, the mighty Basilisk of the Celestial Swift Star!

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    Sylphid is a servant of Judge Wyvern Rhadamanthys.  Along with his comrades Alraune, Harpy, and Minotaurus, he first fought the Bronze Saints on Earth, and easily defeated them.  The four did not kill the Saints, confident that they were no threat. 
    At the Wailing Wall, Sylphid, Alraune, and Minotaurus confronted Dragon Shiryu, who had stayed behind to give his friends a chance to escape.  While it seemed at first that the Specters had the upper hand, Shiryu's "Rozan Ryu Hi Sho" technique damaged Slyphid's Surplice.  Shiryu then used the "Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha," immediately killing Alraune and Minotaurus, and wounding Sylphid.  Slyphid attempted to follow the Saints through the Wailing Wall, but as he did not have the protection of a God, he was torn to pieces by the Superdimension. 
    Basilisk Slyphid's special technique is "Annihilation Flap," a wind-based attack similar to a hurricane.


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