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    Swordsman's daughter.

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    Marjorie Adelynn is the daughter of former Avenger's member Swordsman [Jacques Duquesne].

    She grew up without her father in her life, but managed to follow in his footsteps, in spite of his mother will.

    Going by the name Swordswoman, she joined the newly formed team Euroforce, led by the Black Knight.

    While in Italy, under the city of Velletri, she and her team came into contact with some members of the Avengers and Swodswoman fought Spider-Woman not knowing who she was. After some clarification, both groups were surrounded by Morgan le Fay and her army of the dead, and fight her.


    Even if where she have been trained have not been stated, Adelynn appear to be an expert in hand to hand combat and acrobatics attack and became highly skilled in the use of a sword. Even if she is a normal human, her agility seem to match that of Jessica Drew, which ability are genetically enanched.

    She use a special sword made of energy, that can be turned-off and hidden in her belt.


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