Swordsman's Blade

    Object » Swordsman's Blade appears in 108 issues.

    The primary weapon of the Avenger and former villain known as Swordsman. The sword has many ridiculous Silver Age quirks like the ability to fire energy blasts and be shot from it's hilt like a projectile.

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    The weapon was further modified by the Mandarin. After the Swordsman's death at the hands of Kang, the Avengers held onto his sword to honor their fallen team-mate.

    When she pilfered equipment from Avengers Mansion for the Young Avengers to use, Kate Bishop stole Swordsman's sword alongside countless other gear used by other Avengers. Bishop began using it as one of her weapons, with Hawkeye's Bow and Mockingbird's Battle Staves, before abandoning it to focus solely on bow and arrows as her primary weapon.

    In a case of irony, when Kang was fighting the Young Avengers, he was stabbed through the chest with Swordsman's sword by Iron Lad.

    Alternate Earths

    The second Swordsman (Philip Jarvert) used his reality's counterpart of the sword, albeit his version had slightly different tech and had presumably not been modified by the Mandarin.


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