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    Philip Jarvert was from an alternate universe and opposed the Avengers as a member of the Gatherers. After severing ties with the villains, he joined with the Avengers and is romantically involved with fellow Gatherer and Avenger, Magdalene.

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    Philip Jarvert was the Swordsman of a different reality that had been destroyed, He became part of a group called the Gatherers. Lead by Proctor, the team sought vengeance by killing all the Sersies across the multiverse for destroying their time-lines. It was in fact not Sersi, but Proctor himself that was responsible for his reality's demise. This was not known by Jarvert.

    Character Creation

    Philip Jarvert was created by Bob Harris and Steve Epting. and first appeared in The Avengers Vol.1 issue 343 (1992).

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus the Avengers

    Eventually, Swordsman and the Gatherers' quest let them towards the 616 Universe, in which they fought the Avengers, but failed. While being captured by the Avengers, Javeret started listening to the Avengers and how he had been deceived by Proctor into believing that Sersi was responsible for destroying his timeline. He soon realised his mistakes and turned to the side of good. He had a vital role in turning his former teammate Magdalene to the good side as well. Both Swordsman and Magdalene aided the Avengers in taking down the Gatheres and Proctor.


    Later Jarvert and Magdalene would become members of the Avengers. After helping the Avengers and Squadron Supreme fight Imus Champion they entered a portal to find another earth to call home.


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