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Sword of Sorcery #6 Review

Sword of Sorcery #6 Review



A new villain emerges as the House of Turquoise gets a new lord.

The Good:

The story is great and things are really picking up. Amaya’s adventures that flesh out the world make it so interesting. The magic system is unique and when that is combined with the blood powers of the Houses, it makes for a great setting. Some supporting characters get a bit of spotlight, mostly Ingvie, and Preet, the new Lord Turquoise. Seeing John Constantine return is nice but it also signals the end of the series and ties up some loose ends. Saying any more would start getting into spoilers though…

Christy Marx delivers a fantastic story that is really good and any fantasy fan will enjoy.

Aaron Lopresti’s art is once again great.

The Bad:

Nothing major


Another great issue from a great creative team; a lot happens in this issue so for the sake of spoilers I will say no more.

4.5 out of 5



Stalker’s great^10 grandson is born and he fights Lucifer.

The Good:

The story is alright but nothing spectacular. The action is really the only draw story wise.

Marc Andreyko does a good job writing the dialogue.

The art by Andrei Bressan is really good and when combined with the colors of Chris Sotomayor makes for really good art.

The Bad:

There is nothing that bad about this story, it is just boring. For whatever reason I can’t get into it, I try, really, but something about it is just stopping me from really enjoying it.


Marc Andreiko and Andrei Bressan deliver a story that, while filled with action and potential, fails to gain any real traction.

3 out of 5

Issue Verdict:

Amethyst is once again a great title from DC and Stalker isn’t. It is a shame that the series is getting cancelled but such is the way of the world. Hopefully there can be another epic fantasy title on the way.

4 (3.75) out of 5

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    This issue has a great cover, even though the details in Lopresti's artwork kind of diminishes the simplicity of the design. But that doesn't negate the effectiveness of the nice simple design. All you really need to know about this issue when going into it is expressed here, though there's a lot more going on in the deeper corners, the good focal point to start is seeing Constantine doing something with The Black Diamond.This issue really emphasizes what a shame it is that this series was cance...

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