pspin's Sword of Sorcery #5 - Vyrian's Tomb; Soul to Soul review

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Sword of Sorcery #5 Review

Sword of Sorcery #5 Review



Amaya grows up quickly as she visits the tomb of her father.

The Good:

There is some serious character development here for Amaya as she is forced to deal with some assassins from another house and her mother’s wounds. There was a lot of development of Houses Onyx and Turquoise as well which is great because it expands the world.

Christy Marx once again delivers a great chapter in this fantasy epic. There is some good action and dialogue that fits the story and the genre well.

Aaron Lopesti’s art is amazing as always.

The Bad:

Nothing major.


Overall a great issue of Amethyst that delivers as the others have. Seeing the fate of Amaya’s father is a nice touch that helps expand the ins and outs of Gemworld.

4.5 out of 5



Stalker gets his last assignment from Lucifer.

The Good:

Stalker proves that he is a pretty big bad ass.

Marc Andreyko does a pretty good job with the dialogue, especially with the diner scene.

The art by Andrei Bressan is really great and a perfect fit to the story and complemented very well by Chris Sotomayor’s colors.

The Bad:

The story is unfortunately generic and it really doesn’t break any molds at this stage Unfortunately this translates into being boring.


Great art and decent dialogue can’t save a generic story from being a bit boring. The problem is that the deal-with-the-devil story has been done so many times that it is hard to stand out and as of now, this story has not.

3 out of 5

Issue Verdict:

Overall a pretty good issue but it is kind of undone by the fact that the series is done, which is really unfortunate because Amethyst and Beowulf have (had?) some real potential and were unlike anything else at DC, or almost anywhere else for that matter; personally I think the price was the problem. But I digress. Marx and Lopestri prove that they are a great team and deliver a great story once again.

4 (3.75) out of 5

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