Character » Swingwing appears in 7 issues.

    Former sidekick to the Tek Knight. Nightwing parody.

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    Swingwing was the original Laddio for Tek Knight. In the comic-within-comic he supports gays and even goes to their bars and meetings. The original one left and another who was blond replaced him and was involved in a threesome with Tek Knight and Talon. He didn't like his life as a replacement and after Stephen Rubenstein discovered who he was and revealed that he loved him Swingwing threw him off the rooftop were they were talking showing he's discreetly homophobic. He was caught and punched by Wee Hughie on another rooftop. Butcher ordered him to help gays as long as he lived to punish him but secretly took a screw from Swingwing's jet-pack causing him to fall in mid-air. 


    Swingwing is a Dynamite Entertainment comic book character, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The character first appears in The Boys #8. Swingwing is loosely based on DC comics character Nightwing.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Swingwing's powers appear technologically based much like his former mentor Tek Knight's powers. Swing possesses the ability to fly.     

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