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    An Adaptoid sleeper agent created by and working for Father

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    Swine was created by Father and is an adaptoid. His purpose is to find and retrieve any of the Descendants living among us. Before being activated and sent to retrieve a member of the Descendant's in Pakistan, Swine was working as a cop in Juarez, Mexico.


    Swine was created by Rick Remender and debuted in Secret Avengers #22

    Major Story Arcs

    Swine is activated when a Descendant in Pakistan uses her powers. He heads there to retrieve her and her son along with Urn, Ideal and Origin. They arrive to where the woman and child are being kept only to run into the Secret Avengers. Swine attacks Captain Britain and overpowers him, kicking him through a wall. He and the other adaptoids defeat the Secret Avengers and return to their city, the Core with the woman and child. Ant-Man sneaks along, shrunk down and hidden in Urn's pant leg. He reveals himself and tries to free the child but is chased by Swine and Urn. When they catch up to him they stomp him down as it appears Ant-Man is killed. Swine continues after the child with Urn as they run into Black Widow and Valkyrie. He smashes Black Widow's face into the ground and attacks Valkyrie with her own sword, shattering her shoulder.

    Venom arrives and saves Valkyrie by attacking Swine. He is able to adapt to Venom's symbiote and begins to tear Flash apart. Flash webs Valkyrie's sword and whips it into Swine's chest. As the Secret Avengers attempt to leave with the child Swine impales Jim Hammond in a last attempt to grab the child.

    Powers & Abilities

    As with all adaptoids, Swine has the ability to adapt to his opponents and evolve to their fighting abilities and powers.


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