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    The venal mercenary Decepticon, Swindle looks out for himself first and foremost, selling out his fellow Combaticons if it suits his purposes. He transforms into Bruticus' right leg and a jeep. Although, the arch-enemies of all Decepticons are naturally the Autobots, the primary enemies of the Combaticons are the Protectobots.

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    Other Media

    Transformers: Energon

    Known as Blight with a Tank alt-mode. Forms the right arm of Bruticus Maximus

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    In the 2009 Movie, Swindle transforms into a Chevrolet Cobalt SS. He landed in San Francisco with Dead End.

    Transformers: Armada

    In this series Swindle is Starscream's Mini-Con. Swindle first appears in episode 6 "Jungle"


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