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    Swift is a winged hero born from an ages old egg. Her wings enable her to fly with more than enough speed to catch a speedster. She is a member of The Authority and former member of Stormwatch.

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    Shen Li-Min
    Shen Li-Min

    Swift's true origins are somewhat confusing. It is possible that she was born out of an egg that was saved from Nazis by Jenny Sparks in 1943. It was guarded by a group of Tibetan monks and there was a prophecy that says a woman with wings will hatch from the egg and that she would bring about a new age of love and peace. However it is more commonly believed that she is a Seedling, a group of people who gained powers when an asteroid flew close to earth awaking the Seedling's suppressed powers.


    Swift was created by Jeff Mariotte and Ron Lim.

    Character Evolution

    Image Universe

    Upgraded by Synergy
    Upgraded by Synergy

    Still a fresh recruit for Henry Bendix's Stormwatch team, Shen Li-Min was but a field operative within the old system lineup before the regime change. It was initially revealed that when the comet came roaring overhead and her power was activated by it's radiation, swift was only partially altered and thus only had a semi-avian physiology and the abilities that came with them. She served as a loyal soldier in the rookie squad of the organization up until the Weatherman decided to change the infrastructure of which, in order to maximize on team efficiency and their operation's impact on the world stage.

    As Bendix was forming his Stormwatch Black team, Shen was pulled aside by Ms. Trelane in order to talk about her imperfect abilities. When she was told about being a partial activate, when asked by the talent scout about whether or not if she wished to go full activate despite the health risks that involve full activation. Shen fearlessly ordered her to go through with it, after being hospitalized for some months. Swift, now brandishing her fullest power, asked if she could be apart of it. Swift was partnered with Jenny Sparks and Jack Hawksmoor for a time. Staying on with the covert-ops team until skywatch was attacked by xenomorphs, who killed most everyone in Stormwatch; which was later disbanded. She soon joined Jenny and Jack as they started the new team, the Authority.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wildstorm Universe

    The Authority

    The Authority
    The Authority

    Swift has been apart of all of the adventures so far. When the team was defeated by Seth and replaced with the New Authority she was replaced by Rush. Swift had become the wife to a TV mogul and was insulted at every time for anything. When the only member who escaped capture, Midnighter, killed Rush, Swift was freed and killed her husband, but not before she discovered the command to remove Seth's powers resulting in his defeat. Swift would also battle enemies such as Reality Inc and later Godhead with her team.

    Soon the Authority would take over America after their greed caused the deaths of a group of alien traveling through the Bleed. However after the group disbanded due to the battle with the Sons of Liberty she moved to a Tibetan monastery. That is, until Jenny Quantum rebuilt the team to battle Henry Bendix.

    World's End

    After the destruction of the world and the damage done, Swift acts as the only means of communication relaying information from the dead Carrier to anyone else. Eventually, she was coosen as the New Doctor.

    Powers and Abilities


    As the New Doctor
    As the New Doctor

    Before her powers were fully activated she only had a row of feathers that simply allowed her to fly. Once her full powers were emerged her full grown wings sprouted from her back. She can fly at incredible speeds beyond any other wing creature. Her strength has been increased to some degree enough to do a lot of damage in hand to hand combat. Her feet and hands can morph into bird like talons for added effect in combat. Her senses seem to be enhanced as well. She can see much farther than humans she once stated "I can read the date on a quarter from two miles away" as well as hear better and at times can determine things via air currents. She is also a natural pilot for the team ship/base the Carrier.

    Alter Reality

    When she became the new Doctor, she gained the powers that come with that title. Her abilities can be broadly defined as magic and include high level matter and energy manipulation, time manipulation and travel, dimensional travel, telekinesis, and telepathy all fueled by Earth's life energy and limited only by her imagination. She has also gained more than a dozen extra senses, a deep(er) connection to the planet, and all the knowledge of the countless previous Doctors.

    Other Versions

    As member of the Authority, Swift has meet several alternate versions of herself:

    • The Meritocracy' Swift: A gender reversed version of Swift.
    • The Authoriteens' Swift: Called Nestling , she was a teenage version of Swift.
    • The Lost Year: During the year the Authority was lost in the Bleed, Swift meett other versions of herself:
      • Married to the Right Reverend Doctor. As the time had been stopped at december 31 of 1999, this Swift had spend years pregnant in a world where magic and technology were at war.
      • As part of a team who had take control of the world.
      • A more paceful and friendly Swift in a world where the Authority was really less serious.

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