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The daughter of the Hurricane, a Western outlaw, Jackie Kane had been trying to get out of Boot Hill for years. Her final idea was to get her father (the former hurricane) to go work for an old Wild West show owned by Arno Stark. Her father refused the offer smacking Arno in the face

Mayor Story Arcs

Marvel Zombies

Jackie took a ride on horse back to visit her Mother's grave just to find that all the bodies were gone as they had been taken over by the zombie virus. Jackie rode back to town while her father was battling all his former friends. He was overpowered and eaten but before he died he passed his powers on the Jackie and with the help of Machine man and Howard the duck she defeated all the zombies. She was then told by Howard that there were other world. Jackie seeing there was nothing left in Boot Hill for her asked if she could join Howard, Machine man and rest of the group. They agreed and they set off to find the second form of zombie.

Jacali, Howard and Machine Man were then transported to Earth-691 were the H.G. Wells book "War of the Worlds" was reality Jacali saved a child and tells Howard to call her Swift Cloud which she decided was her warrior name she and rest of the team were met by Old Skull and his group of warriors one of the members convinced Machine Man to sacrifice himself for the good of human kind (off panel ) after which Jacali and Howard split from Old Skull and his friends as they head towards the main base of the aliens which have been turned into ghouls (the next type of zombie ) Jacali and Howard fought off the zombies until the were saved by the improved Machine Man and set off to find the third form of zombie

In their third adventure Howard, Swift Cloud and Machine Man ended up in a universe set in a medieval setting Jackie after entering a fortress (after Machine Man crashed into it) she was given a sort of make over and was kitted out with a cross bow and sword she ran out of the fortress dodging most of the undead zombies finding were the virus came from via a device very much like a I-Pad she defeated the origin of the virus and then after returning to the fort she is greeted by Thor in the climax of the issue

Powers and abilities

Jackie has all the powers of her father


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