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Year Two

I can't believe it's already been a year...damn, I really am addicted to comics for not having noticed a whole year go by but at least they're good comics! 
Anyways, I don't really have as much to say about Sweet Tooth as I did the other seven comics I just reviewed, for one thing because I'm tired...and for another because I didn't feel like their was any significant reveals. I mean yes there was the last page but I didn't find that too, world-shaking! Of course it's the part one to an arc, so it has the right to take things at a slow pace...I'm just hoping we get a few answers soon, I like Sweet Tooth but I don't feel there's been any real answers about what's going on and although I'm willing to wait, I'd rather not (I know, that's me, Mr. Impatient)... 
I guess the problem here is I don't know Lemire's "Five Year Plan" the answer to what happened in this post-apocalyptic world going to be that part of the story that you realize isn't even important in the grand scheme (Y: The Last Man) or will it be everything. Anyways, like I said, I enjoy Sweet Tooth but I just can't see the long-term plan here, if there is one...I'm just hoping something happens soon to bring action back into the story because Gus has now been imprisoned for over half the length of the series, surely there's something more to this? 
Loved your Nobody graphic novel Lemire (especially the ending) so I trust you but feel free to throw me a bone soon so I can feel more enthused every month!

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