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    Sway was a mutant with time-stopping powers, and was a member of the X-men.

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    Personal Data

    • Real Name: Suzanne Chan  
    • Height: 5' 9''
    • Weight: 137lbs (62kg)
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black


    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: San Diego, California 
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: Student at the Xavier Institute
    • Affiliations:  Formerly the X-Men
    • Occupations: Former X-Man
    • Known Relatives:  David Chan (father, deceased), Emily Chan (mother, deceased) 


    First time her powers were active.
    First time her powers were active.

    David and Emily Chan originally came from Hong Kong and moved to California, America. During that time, they had a daughter, Suzanne. She wanted to attend Barnard College, so they took a trip to New York City. Suzanne's parents were caught in a crossfire between two gangs. Even though Suzanne was standing by her parents, she came out uninjured and the detectives were baffled by why she wasn't hurt.

    All she could remember was that she stopped the bullets. She hadn't physically stopped the bullets themselves, but she had stopped the time around the bullets so she could jump out of their paths.

    She was kept in hospital for observations. She was finally released and she returned to the place where her parents were killed. Her powers activated once again, and she was able to see in the past where she could see herself, her parents and the car. She then realized that she could control time and she was making it replay for her.    

    She had followed the killers to their hideout, and once she found them, she called the police. The killers opened fire, but Suzanne consciously used her powers this time, freezing the bullets and the killers. The detective saw her mutant powers, and contacted Moira McTaggert. That is where Suzanne took the codename Sway.


    It was there where she learned to hone her mutant abilities under teachings from Moira and Professor Charles Xavier. When Xavier's very first team of X-Men had been kidnapped by the living island of Krakoa, Charles asked Moira to borrow her students. He then took their minds to the astral plane where he trained them in the use of their powers further although they thought it was real, while months had went by for the new students only mere days had passed. When they arrived to the island the new team consisting of Sway, Petra, Darwin, and Vulcan found and rescued Cyclops. However when they did this a gigantic golem creature came and attacked them. Sway the first one killed when the Golem creature cut her in half and then set the team ablaze. While Petra was dying she created a cavern which swallowed the team up and that is where they laid when Polaris shot the island into space. It was revealed that both Darwin and Vulcan had survived however due to the nature of their powers. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Sway using her powers
    Sway using her powers

    Sway has the ability to control time. She can slow down time or even stop it but she can only manipulate time in small areas - only controlling time in small pockets of space. She can also replay time, watching it as if it were happening right at that moment. 


    Alternate Realities

    What if the Second team of X-Men had lived?

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    In this reality, the team comprised of Vulcan, Darwin, Sway and Petra had not died during the battle against Krakoa. The original X-Men died. The team became the X-Men. They were able to finally beat the Brotherhood and Vulcan is viewed as the greatest hero ever. It was reviled that Vulcan was responsible for the deaths of the original X-Men. He was sent to live on the Island and watch the event over and over for the rest of his life. Sway was able to use her time powers to set the loop that he was forced to view, and was the reason they were able to see the truth about what happened.


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