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Current Events

Swatt was last seen on the cover of the first issue of Aquaman's current run.


Swatt was created by Aquaman writer Geoff Johns and artist Paul Pelletier. He made his debut in Aquaman #19 (Although he can been seen in Aquaman #18 in a panel without dialogue).

Major Story Arcs

The New 52

Throne of Atlantis Aftermath

Swatt can first be seen participating in Atlantean missions with the purpose of recovering any piece of Atlantean weaponry and technology that was left on the hands of humans, after the events of Throne of Atlantis.

Death of a King

During the events of Death of a King, Swatt is recruited by Tula and Murk in order to free Ocean Master from the surface prison he is being held, due to his knowledge of the surface world. After a brief fight with Murk, he agrees to join. On their way to free Ocean Master, news of an attack on Atlantis reach them and they abandon their efforts in order to reach Atlantis in time and help.

Later during Aquaman's final assault on the forces of The Dead King and Xebel, Swatt alongside Murk, Tula and the Trench, manage to help Aquaman in defeating the intruders and restoring Atlantis.


Swatt alongside the rest of the Drift accompanies Aquaman and Mera when they first discover the intrusion from Thule. During the final battle against Thule, Swatt, Murk, Tula and Tempest all help Aquaman and Mera fight their way to Thule, in order to seal the dimension for good.

DC Rebirth

The Drowning

Swatt can be seen on the cover of the first issue of the current Aquaman run, alongside Tula, Murk and Tempest.

Powers & Abilities

Swatt is an Atlantean and possesses their typical superhuman abilities. However (for reasons unknown so far) he is able to generate electricity but cannot breath underwater (although he can seemingly survive the extreme temperatures and pressure).

Superhuman Strength

Swatt has shown he is strong enough to casually rip open a steel cargo container.

Enhanced Durability

Swatt like all Atlanteans has an enhanced level of durability.

Enhanced Agility

Swatt is one of the most agile Atlanteans, like most normal members of the Drift.

Underwater Adaptation

He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep, but cannot breath on his own.

Electricity Control

Swatt has shown the ability to control and discharge electricity, an ability that no other Atlantean has displayed.

Trained Warrior

Swatt is a trained Atlantean warrior, seen participating on the Atlantean missions to reclaim their stolen tech. He is also a member of the Drift, the elite special forces of Atlantis. He has also taken on Murk and shown that he is extremely agile (like all members of the Drift).

Surface World Knowledge

Swatt is one of the very few (if any outside Aquaman and Vulko) Atlanteans to have explored the surface world. He has collected items from the surface and shows an understanding of surface technology, landscape and rules.

Weaponry & Equipment

Unique Underwater Suit

Swatt wears a specialized unique suit that allows him to breath underwater, even at the depths of Atlantis. His suit (and the suits of the normal Drift members) bear a resemblance to the blue "underwater camo" suit Aquaman wore during Neil Pozner's run in 1986.


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