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    Swan and her partner Condor are rivals of Hawk and Dove.

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    Swan and her partner, Condor, were created by Hawk and Dove writer Sterling Gates and artist Rob Liefeld.

    Story: Hawk & Dove

    Swan, Rachel Felps, appears as a black haired young woman before changing into Swan. She helps Condor kill his victims and under Condor's tutelage she gains the powers of an avatar. She appears to have some romantic relationship with him as well and seems to equally desire to kill Hawk and Dove.

    When Hawk and Dove meet her it is at the White House when her and Condor attack the President of the United States and Hawk's Father, Judge Hall. While Swan fights Dove she reveals that by killing avatars she and Condor will become stronger. Using a special dagger, she stabs Dove and uses her powers as an energy conduct to transport herself into the same realm as Deadman to latter kidnap him.

    Using a chaos crystal she imprisons Deadman ,and she and Condor use him to get into another dimension. In this place he feeds off of both Swan and Deadman. At the end of the battle with the large monster version of Condor against Hawk and Dove, Swan's body has disappeared.


    Swan is able to spit fire and a form of a fire formed miniature explosive. She is extreamly acrobatic as well. She will sing while in battle to distract her opponents.


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