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The Dreadnok Swampfire is a 1 person boat-helicopter hybrid. It has a water displacement of .7 tons and a top speed of 32 knots and a fully loaded range of 270 miles. It has 1 hull-mounted 20 mm electric cannon with 1,300 rounds of ammunition.

When the Dreadnoks are planning on making a hit-and-run attack, the Swampfire is their vehicle of choice. It's able to change from attacking on the water to attacking in the air in less than 30 seconds, simply by lifting up its hydraulic gas-filled pontoons and engaging the rotor blades. While having no battle stamina in a prolonged firefight, the Swampfire's best features are its quickness, adaptability and camouflage. Experimentation by the Dreadnoks has given the Swampfire a very unique automatic camouflage ability, making it extremely difficult to spot when it's hidden.

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