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    Swampert is fully evolved form of Mudkip. It is a Ground-Water Type Pokémon.

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    As the fully evolved form of Mudkip, a Swampert is often the leader of a large group of pokemon consisting of its two pre-evolutions, Mudkip and Marshtomp. They are known for being highly protective over their young, and the other pokemon that they are taking care of, fighting off other pokemon and people alike just to do their duty  as a protector. Because of his protective instinct, Swampert are also extremely territorial, and are prone to fighting with others of its own kind as well as other pokemon for the right to have the territory that they are in, usually winning due to the lack of competition they have in terms of physical strength. 
    Swampert are usually shown to live in marshes, swamps and wetlands, due to their need to constantly rejuvenate their skin with mud so that they do not dry out. Due to their dependency on mud, they have grown accustomed to having to live on it and around it constantly, and so because of this a vast amount of their attacks revolve around mud, as well as their evolution and living style. They have evolved to have an extremely good sense of balance and equilibrium, so that they can walk and even battle on mud with no ill effect to themselves, giving them a leg up on the competition that they are fighting. 
    Despite living in such swamp-like conditions, and the fact that they are prone to hating any fresh water or any open areas (including beaches.) They migrate every year to beautiful beaches in order to lay their eggs, it is not known why they do this. As soon as the hatchings are strong enough to move themselves from the beach they travel to their parents homelands of marshes, swamps and wetlands. 
    Swampert have the ability to sense changes in the weather pattern, effectively meaning that they can detect the changes in the atmosphere. Whenever they sense a storm brewing, they immediately set into action to protect their selves, but more importantly the young that they are protecting. They start to pick up and move giant boulders with their incredible strength, and stack them as a barrier, so that when the storm hits, they are all protected.


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