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    Volume 2

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    Numbering continues from The Saga of Swamp Thing #45.

    This is the second volume entitled, "Swamp Thing". The first (Swamp Thing) began publication in 1972, not long after the character's first appearance. Ending in 1976, it wasn't until 1982 that a new Swamp Thing volume began initially titled "The Saga of the Swamp Thing". That series ran under the DC imprint for the majority of its life but when the Vertigo imprint was made in 1993, the title switched over with #129. It then continued up until #171 in 1996, making it Vertigo's second-longest series to date, even though the majority of its issues were published before Vertigo ever began. Four years later a third volume was made (Swamp Thing) by Vertigo which ran for twenty issues, though it was more focused on Tefé than her father, Alec. Finally, the last Swamp Thing volume as of yet began, also published by Vertigo, two and a half years later after the third one ended and ran twenty nine issues until it came to its conclusion in 2006 marking the last Vertigo appearance of the character as of yet.

    Swamp thing was the flagship title on Vertigo's imprint. But it's widely known that Alan Moore's run on the series made Swamp Thing more appealing. Moore using his trademark deconstruction gave Swamp Thing more depth and more of an edge. His run is considered to be known to everyone as classic literature. After Alan Moore's conclusion on the title, Rick Veitch, the artist who worked with Moore on his run, would now become the Writer and Artist of the series. Veitch followed in the same vein as Moore and his run was also popular amongst fans. People say since Swamp Thing was Vertigo's flagship title they wanted to continue it. But due to the incredibly low sales the series concluded in 1996.

    Most recently, DC had released Hardcovers for Saga of the Swamp Thing under the Vertigo Imprint for the first time in almost 25 years. They collect Alan Moore's entire run in 6 Books. Including the never before released in trades issue #20 And they were published from 2009 to 2011. And since the release of the Hard Covers they've automatically sold out everywhere. Thus making them quite the collectors item. Most notably for John Constatine's first ever appearance in comics in Book 03.


    • Alan Moore #46-58, 60, 61, 63, 64
    • Steve Bissette #59, 78
    • Rick Veitch #62, 65-77, 79-87
    • Doug Wheeler #88-109
    • Nancy Collins #110-115, 117-125, 127-138
    • Dick Foreman #116, 126, 139
    • Grant Morrison #140-143
    • Mark Millar #144-171


    Note: The first two Annuals are tied to "The Saga of Swamp Thing" (the previous name this series ran under) and are therefore not listed here.


    Trade Paperbacks

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions


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