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    This was the first Swamp Thing series, and launched only a year after the character's first appearance in House of Secrets #92. A horror comic, it told the tale of the Swamp Thing and established many aspects and characters of his universe that would later be expounded upon in future publications. This included creating Abby Arcane, who would later become his wife, Matthew Cable who would become Dream of the Endless' raven, as well as Anton Arcane and The Un-Men who would become recurring villains.

    Originally written and drawn by Swamp Thing's co-creators Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the former lasted for thirteen issues before David Michelinie took over for #14-18, 21-22 and Gerry Conway for #19-20, 23-24 whilst Bernie lasted for ten issues before being replaced by Nestor Redondo who did the art for the subsequent thirteen issues and Fred Carrillo who drew the last.

    The Swamp Thing logo was designed by Gaspar Saladino who coincidentally also designed the House of Secrets logo, which is the series the first Swamp Thing appeared in.

    After twenty-four issues and four years (due to its bi-monthly schedule) the series was cancelled thanks to low sales though the character's " Golden Age" would not come for a few years yet.

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