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The forces of decay are summoning their servants, and the Green alone cannot protect Alec Holland – but one woman can! Alec may not know her, but he should! And only he can help her before the darkness finds its key to spreading across the world unchecked. But unfortunately for Alec's mysterious benefactor, that "key" is part of the family...

We begin with a doctor talking to a little boy who is in a bubble. The boy is namedWilliam and is apparently allergic to chlorophyll. The doctor takes William into another room to interact and socialize with other kids in the facility. The doctor leaves and one of the other boys, named Drew, threatens him with a fork. He says that at midnight he is going to break the bubble.

Back in Louisiana we find the girl with whit asking Alec to prove who he is. When she is about to fire at him the trees and vines stop her. She introduces herself as Abigail Arcane and the pair goes off to a hospital in Texas to help Abigail with something. At the hospital William is looking at the clock waiting for Drew and the others. When they arrive William realizes his power to control dead matter and kills the 3 boys. When the doctor comes in he kills him too and steals his scuba gear.

Abby explains that William is a descendent of the Rot, the same driving force of Sethe and Abby is as well. They are both Arcane's and William is her half-brother. She explains that they need to save William before he is contacted by the Rot. When they arrive they find the doctor and the boys dead and William gone. William is seen in scuba gear walking through a forest away from them.

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