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Too Many Chiefs

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Swamp Thing #85 - My Name is Nobody starts out as a pretty cool idea. Now that Alan Moore has redefined Swamp Thing as a plant elemental - why not have him appear at other places and times?

So, basically this issue is an excuse to showcase some of DC's western heroes in a Swamp Thing story...

...all make appearances, and then there's the regulars like Liz Tremayne, Chester Williams, Etrigan the Demon and of course, Swamp Thing himself.

It's too bad he couldn't have shown a little more restraint. All these characters are interesting, and all end up fighting for 'screentime', which in the end makes the proceedings seem rushed and unsatisfying. Shame, though, because the story was a pretty neat idea. If Rick Veitch had taken his time with this story and spread it out over a few issues, this story could've been truly epic.


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