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Very somber.

So to catch you up on what had happened to Ol' Swampy the past couple of issues before this particular one (Spoilers ahead) He died, or so we were told. He got shot and then lit on fire, assuming he was gone for good. This is the issue where we find out he isn't dead. He's just on a really blue planet far from earth.

My blue heaven is one of Moore's best Swamp thing issue's for a couple of good reasons. Let's start with the writing, shall we? Swampy is on a planet... and it's really blue. He slowly starts to descend into madness hoping/wishing for something to do, someone to talk to. He executes this in the perfect way making the story feel fresh and his own. As with most Moore penned issues it'll leave you thinking about something at the end of it.

Tatjana Wood totally deserves a mention here, when I say the planet was really blue, I mean.. everything was blue. Literally everything. Knowing and using so many shades of blue the way she did deserves some props.

And on to Rick Veitch who is not as good as the previous artist but this is easily his best issue. Not much else to say about him though...

So yeah, just a quick little review to a fantastic issue which deserves to be read by everyone.

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