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Something BIG is brewing for the rot.

Art: Paquette returns for issue number 5 and dazzles us with more of his brilliance. The art is very bold and really pops off the page especially the scenes where Alec takes hold of his powers. The creativity with the intertwining panels makes the story flow even more and just make this a fantastic comic to look at.

Plot: Alec and Abby finally come face to face with William Arcane in a magnificent clash where we see even more Green potential from Alec Holland. Also in the depths of the Amazon rain forest a serious threat is showing itself to the parliament of trees. Something BIG is brewing for the rot.

Despite the fact they we have yet to see Alec Holland embrace his destiny as Swamp Thing, the pacing of this series has been absolutely fantastic. Every issue we get a steady progression into this story which is building for something huge. The direct attack on the parliament of trees was a great move as we can see the range and scope of the rots influence. I really like William Arcane as a villain, a powerful young boy with a psychotic and raging mind really adds another dimension to the story. Issue 6 can't come quick enough.

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    Sorry just get this book just for the artwork. 0

    I’ve said this a hundred times this is a great series it is consistent with both art and story and every one should try it out if not buy it is worth it but kids should stay away some of the scenes are horrific. I was really looking forward to reading this as the last issue was the best so far so I hoped this could match it.PlotAbby and Alec have stopped in a town to pick up food they walk out of the shop and are attacked by William Arcane. A professor enters a jungle in Brazil and it turns out ...

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    Rudy vs. Paquette 0

    Ok, so, I want you to do something for me. Take a look at the cover, mentally block out Alex Holland from the image, and what do you get? Angry Birds In Reverse! The Angry Pig has come to wreak vengeance on the birds! Ha!Ok enough of that. Yannick Paquette has been killing it with these cover, and this one is no exception. Powerful, psychotic, and a little bit beautiful if only because of the bottom border.This issue puts me in a precarious position. The amount of times in which I've enjoyed any...

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