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Alec Holland contemplates the Sureen’s offer to turn him human…but if he does accept, what happens to his almost all-powerful body? He and his warrior companion Capucine must travel to India to find the answers…and to get there, they’ll need help from Vandal Savage!

This issue opens with the avatar body being taken to an unknown base in Germany by the Sureen impostors. In New Orleans Lady Weeds has just finished with her tattoo when Jonah and Capucine enter. Capucine remarks at Lady Weeds tattoos and both she and the Wolf agree to return to the swamp. They return to find the house burnt and a Sureen member limp on the grass. Capucine notices that he has been poisoned and Jonah hurries to cure him with medicinal herbs. Once awakened the Sureen member explains that he is Alec Holland and the group believes him. The Wolf tells Alec that he has been foolish and irresponsible and that they need to hurry to get the avatar body back before Alec's host deteriorates.

Capucine offers a plan to find the Sureen. She says that a friend of hers can locate them and he is called in. Vandal Savage appears as the friend of Capucine and tells them that he wishes a certain payment from Capucine for his services. She agrees to his terms and they begin the "payment", a spar. After Capucine bests Vandal he offers them his helicopter and plane so that they can make their way to India to visit the Sureen. Capucine and Alec go to Bangalore and make their way to the Sureen temple. When they arrive and old man at the temple cuts Alec's arm, rather than blood, foliage appears from the wound. After a discussion the old man claims that there are no other Sureen and that he has never met them before today and he does not have the avatar body.

In Germany at the base, we find scientists experimenting on the avatar body. There are two men looking on as the scientist do their work and they remark at how incredible the avatar body is. The scientists take a finger off the body and grind it up, then they give a woman a piece of the sacramental fruit. Once she ingests the fruit she is able to control the liquified finger and create a fruit out of it but when she exerts herself she dies.

Back in India the old man, named Master Gaurav, calls over his colleague Miki. Gaurav tells Miki to take Alec out so he can at least enjoy his time in this human body while he and Capucine stay behind to do research. In town Alec and Miki discuss the possibility of Alec staying in human form but before they conclude their conversation Alec coughs up black gook and decides it best to head back to Master Gaurav. In the temple Gaurav tells Alec that they have yet to find any information but to not lose hope. Alec retires for the night but is visited by Miki who approaches him in bed. When he tries to ask why she is there she silences him with a kiss but Alec pulls away disgusted by what he feels. When he pulls away he sees small grey-white fibers escape from her mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. She ends by telling Alec that she is just like him.

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