Swamp Thing #28

    Swamp Thing » Swamp Thing #28 - Salting the Earth released by DC Comics on April 2014.

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    At last, the origin of the mysterious Capucine, including the revelation of the threat so deadly – it’s enough to make a thousand-year-old assassin run for help! Plus, the fateful decision Swamp Thing made last issue will have consequences that he – and the world – could never have seen coming!

    After the events of the last issue, we find Swamp Thing and 3 familiar characters back on Earth. His destruction of the Parliament of Trees has left him to be the only earth elemental, but not without having brought some former avatars with him. The opening pages shows Swamp Thing with his sponsor The Wolf, one of his teachers from the Green: Lady Weeds, and Brother Jonah who was the avatar that began the Sanctuary of the Green Leaf.

    For some reason all of them except Alec is in a human body. Amazed that they are in this state, they wish to re-explore the world. Alec accompanies them to Mardi-Gras where he comically dresses up in colorful leaves, giving the impression he is in a costume. When they return he leaves them at the old house that formerly belonged to Abigail Arcane, leaving Brother Jonah in charge. He departs to find Capucine who fled due to Woodrue's antics.

    He finds her in the Bonneville Salt Flats and approaches her, but being wary and untrusting she blows him up with a bazooka. He manages to regrow from a leaf caught in the teeth of a rabbit that Capucine has hunted for food. Then he explains that he is not Woodrue and can be trusted. When Capucine accepts this we are finally given her backstory.

    She was born in the year 1114 on the Isle of Mont St. Michael, France. In her day the isle was a key strategic location and came under attack many times. The monks who ran the monastery atop the isle wanted to be protected and so sought the help of a alchemist who created a formula to help them. He made them sign a contract and afterwards they were to provide 3 youths since it would only work on children. These children drank the elixir and were granted 1,000 years of life, and great speed and strength. These 3 were raised to be warriors and spent their years fighting.

    Capucine's reason for locating the Swamp Thing is to find protection from the contract the monks had signed. She found out that when she dies, she is to become the servant of the Demon Etrigan. In order to prevent this from happening she looks to Alec for aid. They go back to the swamp to discuss these matters and instead find a host of new characters waiting for them: one being Knot of the Sureen.



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    Swamp Thing #28 Review and Thoughts. 0

    This is the aftermath of the battle with the Seeder. Alec has brought back from the Green three ex Avatars (the three people we saw naked in the last pages of the previous issue). Who are they? Why are they here? And are the friends or foes? We also have a deeper look into Capucine's story. What's her past? And what does it mean to be a “murder poet” ? Charles Soule and Javier Pina present another perfect Swamp Thing issue. Each page and each panel has something to say. Charles Sou...

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