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Swamp Thing #15

Marco Rudy does a great job at filling in for Yanick Paquette. The paneling is simple stunning, especially Abby's part in the issue. The details are everywhere and provide plenty to look at when you reread. The facial expressions are great, especially the eyes and we focus on them a lot in this issue so it's important to really make sure they show emotion. The story is continuing to shift between Abby before the Rotworld and Swamp Thing trying to fix the Rot World. Swamp Thing goes to Gotham because if anyone has a plan it's Batman, right? Scott Snyder shocks you in this twist ending that will make you jump for the next issue when it comes out in a month. Deadman was also very well portrayed and it shows that he really believes in the cause. Abby also is thrown into a lot of problems and this issue really shows that she is a strong person that has just been taken advantage of.  
Just like Animal Man, this crossover is really taking some of the quality of the book. Swamp Thing is better this month but while reading this whole story, you just know that the ending will have to return to the real world and currently, there is no obvious way they could do that without a cop-out ending. Swamp Thing also feels like they are going in other directions but straight.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Scott Snyder is my favorite writer and he still is. I loved this issue but I think that we are slightly losing the way but the end of this issue will no doubt get it back on the right track. If you like Swamp Thing or are interesting in what happened to Gotham in Rotworld (It's a shocker), then you have to pick this up. I highly recommend that you pick up the trades and then jump on as soon as possible. You won't regret it.

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