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Swamp Thing #15 0

THE GOOD: Marco Rudy does a great job at filling in for Yanick Paquette. The paneling is simple stunning, especially Abby's part in the issue. The details are everywhere and provide plenty to look at when you reread. The facial expressions are great, especially the eyes and we focus on them a lot in this issue so it's important to really make sure they show emotion. The story is continuing to shift between Abby before the Rotworld and Swamp Thing trying to fix the Rot World. Swamp Thing goes to ...

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Swamp Thing - #15 0

I've said it before in my reviews of Animal Man and I'll say it again, since this is a different title: the Rotworld arc is not nearly as good as the series was before it started. But, to be honest, that serves especially for Animal Man, as it was my favorite book of the New 52, but it had a huge drop of quality once this new storyline started. Swamp Thing is not the same as well, but Lemire's title suffered a lot more. The pacing of Rotworld has been real slow, as in this issue, all that happen...

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Swamp Thing Arrives In Gotham As Rotworld Ramps Up 0

THE GOODWilliam Arcane returns. I love that creepy kid.There's a twist in here that I'm not going to spoil, but it made my jaw drop. Not because it was particularly story-bending, but it was one of those wacky things that only happen in comic books (and make sense). I'm very interested to see where this goes, but I feel like it possibly ruins the plot point Scott Snyder is setting up with Alec Holland still thinking that Abigail Arcane is alive. We'll have to see, though.Batman and Barbara Gordo...

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Taking the Fight to Gotham 0

This series has been one of the best New 52 series I've found of late. After reading tremendous things about this series and after having it recommended I got the first volume of the series in trade paperback and loved it. I have recently caught up on the current Rotworld and although it's not quite as good as the first story it's still been an amazing read.PlotThis issue sees Swamp Thing and Deadman confronted by William Arcane whilst travelling to Gotham City. This issue also reveals the fate ...

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Swamp thing goes to Gotham. 0

Swamp thing is my favourite series I love all of the ones I buy but this is my favourite the story is great the art is fantastic and Rotworld is turning into a great series so I hoped this issue would be good as well.PlotWilliam Arcane attacks Swamp thing and Deadman his sea monster nearly eats them but Swamp thing destroys it but William has another sea monster. In Arcane’s castle Arcane reveals his plan to Abby she temporarily knocks out Arcane and tries to escape.ReviewOne of the things I lov...

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