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Anton Arcane is really creepy!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the reviews I've been pretty busy lately and also my local Comic shop has been having trouble lately with getting the issues but I'm back now.

I've decided to start buying two new books Wonder Woman and Swamp-thing with the Zero Month so expect reviews for those issues in the future and for the rest of the series.

The Good

This issue is a story about Anton Arcane and what he has done over the years and how he has hunted down the avatars and the red and the green over the years, and he does some fairly nasty stuff including

killing a baby because it will eventually become a Swamp-thing and he does it in a really creppy way.

This issue also puts an interesting spin on the original origin of Swamp-thing and also manages to set things up for the coming crossover. It was also nice to see a past Swamp-thing because I always like it when we see a Swamp-thing other than Swamp-thing. The art by Kano is great and he really shows character and Background details well.

The bad

The colouring of Anton Arcane isn't great it just makes him look cartoony.

This issues pretty dark and violent so I wouldn't say this is good for young children.

4.5 stars.

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