Character » Swain appears in 39 issues.

    A new Inhuman who started to work for Crystal. After terrigenesis, she developed a lizard tail.

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    Powers & Abilities

    Prehensile Tail Swain manifested a salamander like-appendage upon her emergence as a Nuhuman.

    Empathic Dialog: Jovana's true gift from her transformation is a sort of telepathy whereby she can read a person's history and nudge their thoughts and emotions to a degree, often having used it to assuage many thoughts of those Crystal's group have reached out to, in order to prevent conflict between them and the Inhuman species.Through this factor of her abilities she can also reach out to, and direct the energy discharge of, her fellow Nuhuman, Hub, in order to control the R.I.V.'s vast facilities and devices.


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