Suzanne Padilla

    Character » Suzanne Padilla appears in 22 issues.

    A reporter for the crime desk of The Voice.

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    She attempted to be romantically involved with Mitchell Hundred who repeatedly spurred her advances. She went as far as giving up her position as a political reporter for the Times so she could date Mitchell but she was rejected yet again. Recently she started following a story in an effort to have Mitchell kicked out of office. The story regarded an invention by Mitchell before his election of a box containing a white light of unknown power. When she confronted Bradbury about the story she was struck with the box and the power within the box was transferred into her. The power has given her the ability to command and control humans with her voice. Since absorbing the power she's adopted a mission to help a force from another world force their way into our own. This force has been hinted at being what's responsible for the powers acquired by Mitchell Hundred, Suzanne, Jack Pherson, and the Gardener.

    Powers and Abilities

    Since absorbing a white light from one of Mitchell's inventions she has shown an ability to command and control humans with her voice. So far there has been only one exception to who her powers affect and that's Mitchell himself. Unlike Mitchell's powers where he can only command Suzanne's powers appear to assert complete control over an individual. She can command a human to do whatever she wants and remember whatever she wants. Also unlike Mitchell she has shown that additional powers have manifested: flight and strength.


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