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YuYu Hakusho:

Suzaku is the leader of the Four Saint Beasts and their most powerful member. He is a high C-Class demon that has the ability to clone himself and use electrical type attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Signiature Moves

Storm of Torrent:

A close range attack where Suzaku charges his fist with electricity. This attack was able to make Yusuke recoil in pain from a glancing blow.

Prism of Seven:

Suzaku is able to duplicate himself into seven equal copies. This techniques doesn't seem to divide his power since the clones are just as hard to beat as the original.

Prism of Storm Torment:

Using his already created copies, Suzaku creates bows made of electricity and then fires arrows of lightning.

Prism of Seven Restoration:

Suzaku is able to heal his wounds by absorbing his prism copies. He can continue to due this as long as he has the energy to make copies.


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