Suzaku Kururugi

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    Suzaku is the long time friend of Lelouch vi Britannia. He was born as an Eleven, but decided to join those who were becoming honorary Britannians, and he became a member of the Britannian Army.

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    Suzaku Kururugi was the son of Genbu Kururugi, Japan's Prime Minister. His family took in Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister, Nunnally vi Britannia, royalty from the Britannia Empire sent as political tools. At first, he hated Lelouch, but the three children became best friends.

    When Britannia invaded Japan, Genbu - Suzaku's father - wanted to resist, fighting against the Britannian invasion with a resistance movement. However, Suzaku thought that this would cause unnecessary bloodshed. And therefore, he killed Genbu Kururugi. His father's allies covered up the murder, calling it a suicide, making his father out to be a coward rather than put the blame on his son. Because of what he did, Suzaku has a deep rooted desire to die, often putting himself in harms way to facilitate this act.

    Suzaku as a soldier
    Suzaku as a soldier

    Seven years after the invasion, Suzaku was serving the Britannia army in Area 11 - the area formerly known as Japan, with its people being named "Elevens" - as a foot soldier. He was deployed to the Shinjuku Ghetto when a group of terrorist fighters stole a device from Britannia, which they believed was a biological weapon. His old friend, Lelouch, accidentally got involved in it, appearing to be a terrorist. Without either knowing the other's identity, he attacked Lelouch. When the two realized who the other was, they stopped fighting. Suddenly, the device was activated. But it turned out not to be a weapon, but a mysterious woman. A group of soldiers came to the scene in order to take the girl back. Suzaku was ordered to prove his loyalty by shooting Lelouch, which he refused to do. He, himself, was shot by his commanding officer, allowing Lelouch to escape. He was saved by his father's pocket watch, which he kept in in his pocket. Lloyd, a scientist in R&D for Britannia, wanted to test his new Lancelot Knightmare. Despite Suzaku's "Eleven" status, he was given the key, launching into battle with terrorists. Unknown to him, however, the terrorists were being led by his friend Lelouch. Once more, the two fought without either of them knowing their identities. Lelouch escaped, as did most of the terrorists.

    Soon after, Lelouch confronted and executed his half-brother, Prince Clovis, using his new found power. Suzaku was framed for the murder, escorted to trial for treason, where he himself would undoubtedly be executed. However, he was rescued by Lelouch - who had begun using the identity "Zero" - who took the blame for the murder. Despite the rescue, Suzaku proclaimed his faith in the system, not wanting to go against the Britannian Empire. He said that Zero's methods were too extreme and would lead to more bloodshed, deciding that he himself would be better off changing Britannia from the inside. He left Zero, never knowing that Lelouch was the one who wore the mask.

    Suzaku was acquitted, partially due to lack of evidence - though mostly because of Zero's proclamation. As he left his trial, he found a girl named Euphy who claimed she was running from some men. He accompanied her around Tokyo, slowly coming to love the girl. As the day concluded, he came on Jeremiah Gottwald - who had come under scrutiny after being blamed for something called "Orange," a bluff Zero made up - who was being attacked by Britannian soldiers for treason. He rescued Jeremiah using the Lancelot. During the battle, Euphy came to the battlefield and ordered a halt to the fighting, revealing her identity to be Euphemia li Britannia, princess and sub-viceroy of Area 11.

    On Euphy's request, because she herself never got to finish school, she asked that Suzaku go to the Ashford Academy. He was not accepted by the other students due to the fact that he was an Eleven. It so happened that this was the same place where Lelouch went. The two discussed that Lelouch was in hiding, going under the name Lelouch Lamperouge in order to hide he and his sister's status was royalty. To secure his and Nunnally's safety, they decided not to reveal their friendship, keeping distance. However, Lelouch did not wish this, and soon revealed their friendship to the school. Soon after, Suzaku was - for the most part - accepted, especially by the Student Council, which Lelouch was vice president of and Suzaku joined.

    Sir Suzaku
    Sir Suzaku

    Suzaku and Euphemia had gained something of a relationship. Euphemia, despite Suzaku's status as an Eleven, made Suzaku her personal Knight.

    Suzaku engaged in many battles fighting against the terrorists led by Zero - who became known as the "Black Knights." It wasn't until much later that Lelouch discovered that Suzaku was the pilot behind the Lancelot Knightmare. He also fought with classmate Kallen Kozuki, one of the few pilots capable of contending with Suzaku in Knightmare combat.

    During a battle, Lancelot and Zero (Lelouch) faced each other. During the battle, the Britannian commanders decided it best to sacrifice Suzaku if it meant killing Zero, and therefore the blasted the area. During the engagement, Zero gave Suzaku the order to "live," causing Suzaku to do everything in his power to survive the event. Suddenly and mysteriously, Zero, Suzaku, Princess Euphemia, and Kallen were transported to Kaminejima Island. Suzaku and Kallen were sent to one side, whereas Zero and Euphemia were sent to the other. During their time on the island, Euphemia discovered Zero's identity, and the two discussed politics and ideologies as they tried to figure out a way off the island. Zero and Kallen escaped using a Britannian prototype Knightmare, while Suzaku and Euphemia left with the Britannian military.

    Euphemia came up with the revolutionary plan to create the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, where "Elevens" could live as Japanese and refer to themselves as such, giving them some of the freedom that they desired. Much of Japan loved the idea. Zero noticed that his Black Knights would fall apart, because they would no longer be necessary. Zero came up with the idea of convincing Euphemia to kill him, so he could die a martyr, intending to leave his sister Nunnally in the care of Suzaku.

    Zero met with Euphemia, discarding his mask and talking with her as Lelouch. She refused to kill him; therefore, he resorted to using his Geass to force her to do it. But before he could, she revealed that she intended to give up her title and bid for the throne with the desire of leading the Administrative Zone with Zero. He shook her hand and agreed. She told him that he couldn't convince her to do it even if he tried. He said that, indeed, he had the power to do so. He suggested that, if he wished, he could order her to kill all of the Japanese in the Administrative Zone, and she couldn't resist. Unknown to Lelouch, however, he had lost control of his Geass, losing the ability to control it. He was incapable of stopping Euphemia from ordering the execution of thousands upon thousands of Japanese citizens, including injuring Suzaku. Lelouch took up the mask of Zero again, using this turn of events to his advantage, using it as leverage to go against Britannia.

    Suzaku with Euphemia in her final moments
    Suzaku with Euphemia in her final moments

    Euphemia went on a mindless rampage, picking up a gun herself to kill as many as she could. Zero - Lelouch - went to her in the middle of the battle. He told her that she was probably the first girl that he never loved. He pulled out a handgun, shooting Euphemia. Suzaku suddenly descended on the battle, ignoring Zero and his men to scoop the mortally injured Euphemia up in his Knightmare's arms, bringing her to the Avalon - the mobile strategic hover ship used by Britannian royalty. He brought her to the med center himself, but it was too late. She lay dying, asking Suzaku what happened. He discovered that she had forgotten what she had done, and told her that the people were happy, wishing her to die happy. He cried over her, distraught and angered, intent on vengeance. He put all of his energy into killing Zero.

    Suzaku holding Lelouch as his prisoner before the Emperor of Britannia
    Suzaku holding Lelouch as his prisoner before the Emperor of Britannia

    Lelouch engaged in the Battle of Tokyo, where he demolished much of the city in order to kill Britannian soldiers. During the fight, his sister Nunnally was mysteriously captured by unknown forces, and brought to the island of Kaminejima. Zero left the battle to go after her, Kallen following and Suzaku in hot pursuit. Suzaku shot Zero's mask, causing it to fall to pieces and reveal his true identity. Suzaku was not surprised, for he had a feeling that Zero may have truly been Lelouch, but did not want to admit it. The two former friends fired their respective firearms at the other, both missing. Suzaku launched himself at Lelouch before he could fire a second shot. Rather than kill Lelouch, he decided to bring him before the Emperor Charles zi Britannia - Lelouch's father. Suzaku held Lelouch down to prevent him from using his Geass. Suzaku told Lelouch that he could do anything in order to facilitate rising in the ranks of Britannia to change it for the better, including sacrificing his best friend. He held Lelouch as his father revealed that he, too, had Geass, and used it to erase Lelouch's memory of his identity as Zero, his relationship to Nunnally, and his ties to royalty.

    In return for bringing in Zero / Lelouch, Suzaku asked the Emperor to become a Knight of the Round - elite Knightmare pilots who serve the Emperor directly, feared for their abilities and their authority. The Emperor agreed, making Suzaku the Knight of Seven.

    A year later, Lelouch was living "normally" at the Ashford Academy once more, his memory wiped as well as everyone else at the school. They gave him memories of a false brother rather than a sister. This "brother" was an assassin named Rolo, who watched Lelouch, his mission to kill him should his memories resurface. C.C., the girl who gave Lelouch his powers and the target of the Britannians, gave Lelouch his memories back to him. But he had to give the impression that his memories had not come back in order to maintain appearances.

    Suzaku swore to the Emperor, when "Zero" returned, he would kill him. He went back to the Academy in order to keep an even closer eye on Lelouch. When the two met, Suzaku told Lelouch that he'd be talking to the new Viceroy of Area 11. When Lelouch picked up the phone, it was the voice of Nunnally. Suzaku knew that, if Lelouch's memories had come back, he would know who Nunnally was. Lelouch refused to lie to Nunnally, but did not want to reveal the truth. Rolo - who had changed sides and decided to work with Lelouch - helped, using his Geass ability to "freeze time" so Lelouch could speak freely with Nunnally briefly. When he came back, Lelouch was able to put on the act that he did not know who Nunnally was.

    During a battle with the Black Knights, Kallen was captured by the Chinese Federation and given to Britannia as a gift. Suzaku intended on using the drug known as "refrain" in order to force her to reveal whether Lelouch had regained his memories. But he did not go through with it, realizing that he would be resorting to methods that Lelouch would.

    Suzaku, however, did discover the truth when he went to the secret underground base under the Ashford Academy - which was used by the Britannians to keep an eye on Lelouch - where he found Britannian soldiers under Geass.

    Suzaku was contacted by Lelouch shortly before the Second Battle of Tokyo. Lelouch, confirming that his memories returned, asked him to save Nunnally, because the Emperor was coming. The two met in "secret," and discussed the matter. Lelouch lied, saying that he did force Euphemia to commit genocide - when, in reality, it was an accident. Unknown to Suzaku, he had been followed by Britannian soldiers led by Guilford. Lelouch believes that Suzaku betrayed him, but it was something that Lelouch anticipated. In preparation for such an event, he used Geass on Guilford earlier, making him believe that Lelouch was in reality Princess Cornelia when he tugged on his collar. Guilford saved Lelouch, and the two went to Tokyo.

    Suzaku, under the Live command, moments before firing the FLEIJA
    Suzaku, under the Live command, moments before firing the FLEIJA

    Suzaku's Lancelot Knightmare was equipped by an experimental and devastatingly powerful weapon known as F.L.E.I.J.A.. Suzaku said that he would not use it, but had it as a deterrent. During the battle, Lelouch intended to rescue his sister, Nunnally. Suzaku's Lancelot became heavily damaged while he was being attacked and was about to die, which he accepted. However, the order Lelouch had given him with his Geass to live kicked in, and he fired to F.L.E.I.J.A. to save himself. It created a giant crater in the center of Tokyo, presumably killing Nunnally and killing thousands more.

    Suzaku later met with Lelouch in C's world, the combined consciousness of everyone on the planet. It was there that Lelouch confronted his father and his mother - who had kept her consciousness alive by possessing the Knight of Six, Anya. The Emperor - who, Lelouch discovered, had become immortal - intended to destroy this world, effectively making everyone's consciousness one and removing individuality. Lelouch used his Geass to tear stop them, his powers evolving. His mother and father vanished, their bodies destroyed and their souls sent away.

    Lelouch and Suzaku partially reconciled. One month later, there was a media conference, where the Emperor was to make his first appearance after disappearing for a month. To the shock of the crowd, the person to come was not Charles zi Britannia, but Lelouch vi Britannia, who declared himself the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. When he was attacked for taking the throne, Suzaku jumped down from above, fighting for Lelouch. Suzaku became Lelouch's personal knight, being dubbed the Knight of Zero. Suzaku served loyally for Lelouch, even against his former fellow Knights of the Round, even killing the Knight of One in combat.

    The fighting escalated. The Black Knights joined with Prince Schneizel, fighting against Lelouch and destroying his fortress. Emperor Lelouch's final stroke was to take the Damocles, which was the single most powerful combative platform / fortress in the world, containing within it the entire supply of F.L.E.I.J.A. weapons. The one holding the trigger was Nunnally vi Britannia herself. Suzaku and Emperor Lelouch stormed the floating fortress. Lelouch was able to get close to Schneizel in order to use his Geass, ordering his to obey Zero unconditionally. He also took the trigger from Nunnally, using his Geass on her as well.

    Suzaku Kururugi faced off, one final time, against Kallen. They fought a brutal and long fight, but it ended in stalemate, with both dealing the killing blow. Kallen was able to escape death, but Suzaku was not so fortunate.

    Zero, the man formerly known as Suzaku
    Zero, the man formerly known as Suzaku

    With his enemies destroyed, Emperor Lelouch paraded his captives through the streets of Area 11 / Japan, bringing them to the execution grounds - with them included Kallen, Schneizel, and others, as well as Nunnally chained at the foot of his platform. The parade halted when a figure dresses as Zero met them at the road. He made his way through Lelouch's forces, and confronted the Emperor. This Zero stabbed Lelouch through the heart, dealing a mortal blow.

    It was revealed that the plan, known as the Zero Requiem, involved Lelouch intentionally becoming the most hated man in the world in order to unite everybody. He gave the mask of Zero, which was a symbol of hope, to Suzaku. Suzaku was to kill Lelouch in front of everybody, ending the tyranny. As Lelouch lay death, clutched in his crying sister's arms - who, only in the end, realized what he did - as the crowd chanted the name Zero.

    Suzaku Kururugi died in that final battle. The penance he desired, for everything he did including killing his father, was to give up his name and identity, forever baring the burden of being Zero. Zero and Nunnally worked together from that day forth. The world was finally at peace.

    Powers and Abilities

    Suzaku is a very skilled Knightmare pilot, capable of matching skills with the best pilots despite differences in technology - though Suzaku did have a technological advantage much of the time.

    He is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and sword combat. He was even able to outrun an automated machine gun, knocking it down with a swift kick.

    Suzaku using his curse to
    Suzaku using his curse to "Live" as a weapon

    Lelouch vi Britannia cursed Suzaku with the order to "Live" using his Geass power. He hated this, but was able to use it as a weapon in its own right, empowering him when his enemies would have otherwise killed him in combat. Using this ability, Suzaku was able to match and defeat Bismarck Waldstein - who possessed the power of precognition - by overloading Waldstein's precognitive abilities with his Live command. Prior to mastering his curse, the Live command told Suzaku to run away from Waldstein.

    Knightmare Frame

    Suzaku's signature Knightmare is the Lancelot, produced by Earl Lloyd Asplund. Suzaku was the first test pilot to the prototype seventh-generation Knightmare Frame. After the Lancelot's success on the battlefield, the new seventh-generation would be improved upon and variations would be utilized by the Knights of the Round. Suzaku continued using the Lancelot series.


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