Character » Suture appears in 22 issues.

    A sadistic serial killer who took upon herself to kill murderers and rapists as vengeance for the things committed to her.

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    Blood and Sutures

    Gretchen Culver was an office manager for a boutique publishing house called, McGregor Arnold. She was friends with all her co-workers and due to married to Wayne Tannanger, although they haven't set a date yet.

    Gretchen was on her way to meet a new writer at "a dive-coffee" shop but when she arrived she was horrified by seeing John Mawbley, carving the eyes out of the customers in the coffee shop he had just murdered.

    Gretchen takes off running and is hit by a police car a few blocks away, and knocked unconscious. She regains consciousness while being raped by the police and ambulance attendants, where she is beaten unconsciousness again. They deliver her to another serial killer, Jeremiah "Sharpie" Eude for disposal. There she is violently murdered by the Sharpie and cut up into hundreds of pieces.

    She is then found and is literally stitched back to life and imbued with special powers by a mysterious gypsy woman, named only Odessa. Gretchen, now calling herself Suture goes after serial killers and rapist.

    She kills Frank Autobahn, a serial killer known as The Postman, by cutting him to pieces then sewing him back together, and leaving him hanging in his home. She then kills Solomon Weaver, the Cargo Killer. Suture then goes after John Mawbley, and kills him just before he tries to kill a movie theater full of families. She cuts him and sews him back together, sewing the eyes he's been collecting into her last creation. This is the first time Suture is seen in her new form by eyewitnesses.

    Suture goes back to Odessa's home to reflect on the deeds she has done then goes to St. Xaveirs Hospital and attacks paramedics Donnello and Forbes, two of the men involved in her death. She removes their gential and leaves them sewn-up from head to toe.

    Suture next victim is Sharpie. She kills him and cuts him up with his own surgical saw. She then sews him back together with metal chains and takes his corpse to the 29th precinct, the head police station of the police men that raped and sent her to her death, There she surrenders to them for the murder of the other serial killers.

    Suture then waits in the 29th precinct untill the rest of the cops who killed her arrive. She then breaks out of her cell and attacks them. She kills the three remaining men responable for her death. She then learns from Sam Burke and Twitch Williams that Wayne is dead. Twitch gives her the ring Wayne gave to him for her and Suture disappears into the dark.


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