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    Suspiria is an Italian government operative. She is a former assassin who worked for Vincent Carraciola based out of Italy, former member of the Costa Nostra, and former freelance detective.

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    Suspiria has only appeared in the Punisher holiday specials ( Red X-Mas and Bloody Valentine.) 

    Early Years

    Suspiria and her husband and daughter were relaxing on an Italian beach when a group of hit-men shoots her husband in the chest and takes her daughter at gun-point. Vincent Carraciola, the leader of the crime family who took her daughter, blackmails her to become their assassin. If she refuses to assassinate her targets, then Carraciola says they'll kill her daughter.

    Legend of Suspiria

    Some believe her to not be a real person, just an Italian hit-man fairy tale. She’s been called the “Boogeyman of Messina.” It is believed that several stories are passed around the Italian mafia families make her out to be a deadly assassin mixed in with and some sexual fantasies.

    While working for Carraciola, Suspiria assassinated the Camorra family heads from Naples when they tried to take over the Napolitano wine business. While working for Vincent Carraciola, she is on a strict retainer and isn't supposed to leave Italy or take outside jobs.


    Suspiria was created by  Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.  

    Character Evolution

    When Suspiria first appeared, she was hired to kill the Punisher. That job ended with the Punisher throwing her off the top of a building and presumed she was dead. Later, she returns to New York City and convinces the Punisher to assist her and return to Italy to take down the people who kidnapped an American senator's son.

    Romantic Encounters

    In the Punisher: Bloody Valentine, Suspiria and Frank Castle become romantically involved. They bond over similar circumstances of loosing their families and loved ones. 

    Major Story Arcs

    The Punisher: Red X-Mas

    A few days prior to Christmas, the Punisher, dressed as Santa Clause, kills five Napolitano family men walking outside of Tiffany's & Co in New York City. The death of Regina Napolitano's husband makes her third husband to die at the hands of the Punisher. On Christmas Eve, Regina concocts a plan requiring $500,000 from each of the five widows to hire Suspiria, her cousin, for a total of 2 million. At first the other women are hesitant, but they are eventually convinced to hire her to kill the Punisher.
    On New Year's Eve, Suspiria sends a video to the police stating she has planted explosives under the streets of Times Square and will detonate the bombs if anything happens to her. She also makes a demand for the Punisher to show up in Times Square or else she will kill a civilian every two minutes until he does show up. She then shoots at least eight civilians before the Punisher arrives.

    The Punisher locates who he believes to be Suspiria on top of a building with a high-powered rifle. After shooting her with his sniper rifle, the woman falls to the ground. Looking over the dead woman, the police discover that this woman was wearing a wig and was not Italian.

    Suspiria uses this decoy locate the Punisher and follow him back to a hotel room. Breaking down the door just after midnight, they get into a confrontation. During the fight, she takes Frank off guard by kissing him and then as he's surprised, she bites into his shoulder to break free of his grapple.

    As Punisher escapes via the fire escape, Suspiria follows after him. Suspiria spots an open window and as she is crawling into the apartment, the Punisher reveals his hidden location and closes the window on her with one of her legs trapped outside. With her stuck in the window entrance, the Punisher shoots her leg, binds her, and then brings her back to his headquarters.

    As Frank is interrogating her, she offers to tell him who hired her in exchange for a kiss. The next morning, Frank throws Suspiria off the top of a building to land on Regina Napolitano's (the person who hired her) car.

    The Punisher: Bloody Valentine

    Suspiria spent nine months learning to walk again after she the failed Punisher assassination job. About a year later, she returns to New York City. While taking down some arms dealers bringing guns into the city, she runs into the Punisher. Suspiria convinces the Punisher to go with her to Italy and informs him that she's working to find a Senator's kidnapped son. The kidnappers were using the kid as leverage to bring weapons into the city without being caught. The leader of the kidnappers and arms dealers is revealed to be Herman the German.

    Once they arrive at her home in Italy, her former boss, Vincent Carraciola, sends a team after her. He believed that she had switched sides or taken another employer after leaving the country to take a job for her cousin (to kill the Punisher) and the following nine months of rehabilitation where she was away from him.

    Suspiria and the Punisher disguise themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Joe Delfini to infiltrate a casino where Vincent Carraciola is playing poker. After a fire fight in the main lobby, they burst into the private room where Carraciola says he killed Suspiria's daughter when she left the country last year (her assignation job to kill the Punisher). After Suspria interrogates Carraciola, she kills him with her knife. The two then leave the casino to chase after Herman the German who was also working with Carraciola.

    They arrive at the airport and board Herman the German's plane to find nineteen handcuffed kids. Just as the Punisher is about to squeeze the trigger and kill Herman, Suspiria knocks him out to prevent the kids from watching the scene. Herman informs Suspiria that her daughter is alive and was sold to a family in Hamburg, Germany.

    After flying the plane back to New York to return the children into the hands of the U.N. so they can be returned to their families and return the senator’s son, the Italian government pardons Suspiria for all of her assassinations she performed while being blackmailed by Carraciola. In return for the pardon, the Italian government requires her to work for them as a government operative.

    Powers and Abilities

    Suspiria does not possess any super powers. She has an extensive background with weapons and hand-to-hand combat including assault rifles, high-powered sniper rifles, knife fighting, and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

    Equipment and Weapons

    • Assault Rifle
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Knives

    Personal Data

    • Height: 5' 10"
    • Weight: 142 lbs.
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown  


    • Citizenship: Italian  
    • Base of Operations: Italy
    • Marital status: Widowed
    • Occupations: Current Italian Government Operative; former Cosa Nostra assassin, freelance detective
    • Known relatives: Unknown Name (husband, deceased), Unknown Name (daughter, missing)

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