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    Suspensor was a member of the Luminals.

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    Character Creation 

    Suspensor was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Wellington Alves in 2007 and first appeared in Nova # 8. 


     Suspensor was a member of a team called the Luminals. The Luminals were a team equivalent to the Avengers on the plant of Xarth Three. Nova encountered Suspensor right after he accidentally landed on Knowhere near the end of the universe after fleeing the Phalanx during Annihilation: Conquest. Knowhere was deserted except for Suspensor whom he found crying and muttering incoherently while writing strange symbols on the wall in blood. The symbols translated into a countdown. Suspensor started decaying right in front of Nova and attacked him resulting in Nova accidentally killing her. Suspensor had been under the control of Abyss, the Luminals greatest enemy who they had brought to Knowhere in an attempt to get rid of him once and for all by literally throwing him out of the universe. Abyss began escaping and taking control of individuals like Suspensor.

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