Object » Suspendium appears in 13 issues.

    Solid time in crystalized form. Can be used with multiple effects, from time travel to accelerated evolution.

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    Suspendium is a mysterius compound, originally believed to be developted by Thaddeus Sivana, who described it as artificial time. In Thunderworld, it was revelated than the suspendium is a crystalized form of time than can be extracted from the Rock of Eternity.


    The suspendium has been used in multiple occasions, usually with effects related to time effects, than include:

    • Keep the Marvel Family and most of Fawcett City in suspended animation. (Shazam, 1973)
    • Create visions of other times (52, 2006)
    • Acellerate evolution (52, 2006)
    • Create artificial spans of time (Thunderworld, 2014)
    • Time travel (Thunderworld, 2014)

    Other versions

    Another kind of suspendium is the eternium, unprocessed fragments from the Rock of Eternity. In the 31st century several fragments were used to access to higher powers by the crimelord Pernisius.


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