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    Suske is best friends with Wiske and they always get into the strangest adventures along with the rest of their friends.

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    Suske was an orphan on the island Amoras. There he was caught between a war between the Vetten (Fat people) and Mageren (skinny people). It was during this war that he met Wiske and fought alongside the Mageren and won. After this Suske decided to stay with Wiske and moved to Belgium. He got adopted by Sidonia who also adopted Wiske.


    Suske made his first appearance in the comic book 'Op Het Eiland Amoras' in 1947. He was created by writer and artist Willy Vandersteen who gained the title of spiritual father to Suske & Wiske.

    Character Evolution

    Suske went from a lonely orphan to adopted into a loving home surrounded by great friends. He changed his appearance from the traditional red shirt and black pants in the later years of the comic to more 'hip' clothing. But there was an outbreak of complaints and after several issues they put him back in his traditional outfit.


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