Susie Greene

    Character » Susie Greene appears in 34 issues.

    Daughter of Hershel Greene

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    Susie was Hershel's youngest daughter who lived with he and the remainder of his family on the farm.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Major Story Arcs

    Susie seems to be welcoming as her father Hershel introduces Rick’s group to the family. Being so young, she doesn’t seem to interact very much with the group and seems to always be hanging around her sister Rachel.

    Susie isn’t present for the barn massacre but she does mourn at the graves of Arnold, Lacey, and Shawn with her family during the burial. Rick’s group is soon kicked off the farm but the family is subject to more frequent zombie attacks with the warmer weather. The family welcomes the idea of moving into the prison with Rick and does so. Susie and Rachel help their father stake out the boundaries for a new garden. The three see Maggie and Glenn emerge from the prison with haircuts. Both Susie and Rachel want their haircut and they are directed to the prison’s barbershop. After a while, Hershel goes looking for his daughters. He finds them in the barbershop with both of their heads cut off. As he mourns with Maggie, both girls’ heads reanimate as zombies. Glenn finds Hershel weeping. He shoots the girls.

    While some were keen to place the blame for the deaths of Susie and Rachel on Dexter, a known murderer, it is discovered later that the girls were killed by Thomas, a man supposedly doing time for tax evasion.


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