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Susie Derkins is a 6-year old girl who is constantly harassed by her neighbor, Calvin. Unfortunately for Calivn, she is almost as cunning as him, and she may get revenge on him (i.e. kidnapping Hobbes after Calvin stole one of her dolls).

Constant Target

In a good amount of comic strips, Calvin throws many things at Susie. Things like; snowballs, slushballs, small stones, water balloons, and mud. Sometimes Susie get hit, sometimes she dodges, and sometimes she throws it back at him.  

GROSS enemy Number 1

Susie is the main, and only, enemy of Get Rid Of Slimy girlS. She has withstood; doll kidnapping, water balloon attacks, and being trapped in a closet.   

Loss of Appetite

 Because she is Calvin's friend (sort of) she often hangs out with him at lunch, which ends in her not wanting to end anything. Everyday Calvin brings something weird to eat or turns whatever he is eating into something gross. 

Annoying Girl

 If Calvin imagines himself as a superhero then he would easily imagine Susie as the super villain known as, Annoying Girl. When Calvin believed that an increase of gravity was altering his ability to hit Susie with snowballs he turned to the amazing powers of Stupendous Man. With his stupendous powers he flew into our upper atmosphere and threw a snowball the size of a six-year-old's head at Susie. Innocent Calvin was punished for Stupendous Man's actions. 

Calvin and Susie?

Bill Waterson has claimed that Calvin and Susie share a mild crush. This would explain why Susie forgives Calvin and why Calvin tries to gross her out.

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