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Brief History

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Susanna was married to a pilot named Arnold. At some point in the marriage she began an affair with the mutant terrorist Magneto. The product of the affair was a girl she named Lorna. Lorna would later grow up to the X-Man, Polaris. Susanna attempted to pass Lorna off as her husband's child for some time. When Lorna was about three, Arnold started to suspect that Lorna wasn't his and confronted Susanna with this knowledge during a flight to Las Vegas. As Arnold and Susanna fought Lorna, who was also on board became upset and lashed out her then dormant powers. The result of Lorna's outburst destroyed the plane and apparently claimed the lives of Susanna and Arnold.

Lorna would later be adopted by Susanna's sister in law, Mrs Dane. The Dane's decided to keep the knowledge of her parents death from Lorna. Lorna would be well into adult hood before she discovered her mother's fate.


Susanna Dane first appeared out of continuity in House of M: Civil War issue 1. Her first appearance in 616 main Marvel Continuity was in X-Factor #243, although Polaris had mentioned her parents many times before already, as early as Uncanny X-men 49 and 50 from the late 1960's.


Other Versions

House of M

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In the House of M reality Susanna had the surname Dane. She was an American student studying in Paris who fell in love with Magneto while helping out his mutant resistance group. During their time together, Susanna became pregnant with the Lorna. Fearing what would happen to both Susanna and the child, Magneto convinced her to return to America. Susanna eventually died of cancer. She was survived by her daughter Polaris.

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