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Brian Banner's sister and Bruce Banner's aunt. She took in Bruce after Brian abused Bruce, murdered Rebecca Banner and was placed in a mental hospital.

Major Story Arcs

Tempest Fugit

More more information see : Tempest Fugit

While Bruce was in high school he was under the care of Susan Drake, who had recently finalized the divorce and preferred to be called Miss Banner once again. One day she is called to the hospital because Bruce has been beaten up at school.

Susan then goes into the school to speak with the principle who informs her that school officials are looking into who beat up her nephew but no one was coming forward with information. The principle then asks Susan whose the Hulk. Susan says it's an imaginary friend that Bruce had created 10 years ago to combat the stress of what his father had done.

Susan leaves the principle's office angry and distraught at his lack of help for her nephew. Back at home she receives a letter from Brian Banner, that she crumbles up with out reading.

The next couple of day Bruce stays home from school, complaining about not feeling well and Susan doesn't push the issue. Then one raining afternoon, Bruce unexpectedly runs from the house. Later Susan gets a call from the police that Bruce had run off to school and had built a bomb. The local police offer Susan an ultimatum, leave town and they would not arrest Bruce.

Susan is packing up her home when Major Thaddeus Ross knocks at the door and tells her it was him who convinced the police to offer her the ultimatum. He wants Bruce to work for him in weapon design. It is assumed that Susan said yes to the deal, as Bruce Banner later worked with Ross to make the Gamma Bomb.


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