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    Character » Sus Antigoon appears in 25 issues.

    The great-great-great-great-grandfather of Suske.

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    captain Sus Antigoon
    captain Sus Antigoon

    In 1540, Franciscus Antigoon fled Antwerp with the Spanish galleon Antverpia. It's captain Alvaro wanted to discover a mythical island full of treasures in the Pacific Ocean. After several quabbles Sus Antigoon took over as captain of the ship. When Alvaro retaliated and shot Sus Antigoon in the shoulder, the ship entered a mist. In the mist, Alvaro was picked up and drowned by a kraken.

    When the ship came out of the mist, it entered the beach of Papa-Louapi. There he was greeted by the local people and he met Alika, whom he immediately loved. On October 11th, 1541 the ship continued their search for the mystical island, with several women of Papa-Louapi on board.

    He became stranded with his crew on an uninhabited island on January 12th, 1541 (Professor Barabas later discovered this to be an alternate dimension to which Sus Antigoon and his ship had traveled, thus arriving earlier in time). Christening the island Amoras, he founded a new civilization. But hope of rescue hadn't faded, so he made a message in a bottle and threw it in the water of the ocean.

    Wiske found the bottle 404 years later on the shores of the river Schelde. Discovering the message, she, her aunt Sidonia and the professor Barabas went to island Amoras to see what became of the civilization. It seemed the inhabitants of the island were living under the tiranny of Jef Blaaskop.

    Having drunk himself to death, Sus Antigoon was now a ghost for more than 400 years. With his descendant Suske and the new explorers, they freed the island from their dictator.

    Powers and abilities

    Sus Antigoon is a ghost. He can walk through walls, make himself invisible, but also make himself visible to other people. He can make himself tangible enough to carry two people on his back. He can also fly around. There must always be a bottle on the end of the chain around his ankle. When the bottle is shattered, he's not allowed to be a ghost, until that bottle is replaced.


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