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Surrogates is a sci fi movie based on a graphic novel of the same name. This movie stars Bruce Willis who plays a cop in a futuristic world where people use surrogates to live their lives. This movie was definitely something new and different and was pulled of fairly well and definitely keeps you interested. The movie was very fast paced and fairly short so a complaint I have is that they could have made it a lot longer and explained things a lot more but nevertheless this movie is still worth your time. This movie was packed with action, thrills, suspense, mystery and every thing you would expect from a good sci fi action movie and if you liked movies like I robot you will love this movie.

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    The SurrogatesOverviewA cop must find the culprit who's been killing the android counterparts of live people.The GoodWhat I liked about sci-fi movies is that you venture yourselves in a whole different world. That world can refer to Blade Runner which the cop has to hunt down the renegade Replicants. But this movie shows a different story. It's about a world where real people intergrate their minds into the android bodies. Why? Because, they throught it would be safer from anything what's happen...

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